"Bridging the Gap"

Academic Sail Training

Bridging the gap between academic learning and watersports

Our aim is to join schools and sport clubs together to increase revenue for both parties.


The aim of Academic Navigandum is to introducing young people through international schools and clubs to sailing, kayaking and windsurfing.

Sport clubs

By linking in with a school or schools a club can increase its junior membership.

International Schools

Watersports are an often-missed part of a child's learning and development. Sailing and kayaking provide experiential learning opportunities.

School participation

Sailing, kayaking and windsurfing are a natural marketing selling point, while increasing their revenue by offering afterschool clubs (CCAs) and holiday clubs.


Sailing, windsurfing and kayaking are all open to the following.

  • British National Curriculum
  • GCSE
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Assistant Instructor Training.